Parents, we know that you’re busy putting a roof over your hero-to-be’s head. You want them to succeed, but may not know where to start or how to best help them live out their career dreams. That’s where we come in. Be Your Own Hero wants to bridge that gap and prepare your young adult for the workplace that awaits them, thus allowing them to live their best career lives possible. Here are some resources on how we will help connect them to the vast amount of tangible, booming careers that are out there.

Available to you

1. Top industries/Jobs in New York State.
2. See and hear testimonials from other parents!

  • Don’t just take our word for it – hear real-life success stories from parents who have utilized our brain-based career preparation resources in order to beat the odds and help their young adult become their own hero.

3. What is this career personality test?

  • This is less of a test, and more of a self-awareness tool to help your young adult discover the best career path for them by identifying their core behaviors, values, and communication styles. Many top employers are choosing to leave nothing to chance and are evaluating job seekers using this tool to gauge the skill set and role of a potential new hire within their organization. Give them the upper hand with our career assessment!

4. Take our Parental Work From Home Assessment!

  • You deserve something special too for helping your young adult become their own hero. We want to give you a unique self-awareness tool that will decode your natural Work From Home (WFH) preferences. This insight will give you the opportunity to strengthen your ability to understand yourself first and then others, including your children! This tool will help you be more productive and successful while building upon key competencies that are needed in today’s predominately remote workforce. Enjoy the insights that this Working From Home Behavioral Assessment will bring into your life.

5. Wondering what your young adult is up to?

  • We can help! We offer sneak peeks into both the in-house and online courses that we offer. Our online course offers cutting-edge behavioral science and brain-based coaching techniques and combines them to create the ultimate online learning experience. This course features an interactive e-textbook, customized advice, video guides and more. Whether you have a recent high school grad, a college student, or a confused young adult beginning their search, Be Your Own Hero’s Online Course can guide them at every career development level. Meanwhile, at Be Your Own Hero Headquarters, we regularly offer a six-week, in-house course for those looking for an interactive team atmosphere and hands-on training. Through our specialized lesson plans, team exercises and textbooks, our Be Your Own Hero experts arm young professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively tackle the job market and beat the competition. Get started at the link above!

6. 1-on-1 career counseling between your young adult and our Hero Mentors!

  • Do you feel like your hero-to-be would benefit from a bit of career counseling? Well your wish is our command! We can offer career counseling sessions aimed around anything from exploring the trade industries, to deciding if our resources are right for your young adult . Whatever they need, we can help!

7. Career counseling with you, your young adult , and our Hero Mentors!

  • The same offering as above, but you come along! Not only do we love to hear from parents after the fact, we want to hear your input here as well!
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