Who is Be Your Own Hero

Well, there’s a short answer and a much longer one! The short answer is that Be Your Own Hero, at our core, is a resource. We are a resource for students, young adults, parents, schools, and employers all over New York State. We seek to serve as a bridge between the largest represented and most educated generations, the Millennial Generation and Generation Z, and the trend of underemployment they are subject to today. How do we plan on continuing to be a bridge between education and employment for this generation? We’re happy to tell you. Take a seat, relax, and listen to our story.

Be Your Own Hero, Inc. 501(c)(3) is a non-profit organization whose headquarters are in Western New York. Our mission is to educate and empower young adults through experiential learning, by providing the knowledge and tools necessary to discover one’s intuitive abilities and pursue fulfilling career opportunities. Through our founders’ years of experience matching people with careers, we uncovered a prevalent need among our youth to understand the opportunities before them, based not only on what they study, but also by uncovering the demands of tomorrow’s career.

In 2018, the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) Job Outlook highlighted the challenges faced by employers and the current workforce: the disconnect between the skills employers are searching for compared to the level of competency within their employees and current job candidates (NACE Job Outlook Survey, 2018). Be Your Own Hero’s curriculum is designed to change the mindset and career approach of job seekers everywhere, changing the pipeline of professionals entering the workforce. We have had remarkable success in educating job seekers in the nuances of the new economy, as well as in viewing their careers as the adventure they own, hence the name “Be Your Own Hero.”

As we mentioned above, Millennials and Gen Z’ers represent the largest demographic in the workforce while also boasting the unfortunate reality of the highest levels of underemployment. With the overall educational system focused on the technical tools for success, there has been a huge gap for resources that can help prepare students for the true reality of the workforce. Our founders collectively have spent 50 years in the employment sector and have collected meaningful data from hiring authorities. They wanted to use this knowledge to give back to future generations by creating a nonprofit educational system that is technology based with a gamification feel to it. Employers across America emphasized the self-directed way in which they expect young people must develop a sustainable career path yet there is no road map for which to do so. Our career boot camps and online tool, “You, Inc.™️” are designed to provide the current and future generations of students and young professionals with the knowledge and resources necessary to attain soft skills, career strategy, and self-advocacy.
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