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Today’s students and young adults face an extremely tough set of circumstances. Members of the Millennial Generation and Generation Z represent the largest demographic in our workforce, yet they also boast the unfortunate reality of holding the highest levels of underemployment. This trend cannot continue if they are to truly live their best career lives.

This is where Be Your Own Hero hopes to get involved, and we hope you’ll support our efforts. At Be Your Own Hero, our mission is to serve as the bridge to employment for young adults. Please help us ensure that our vision comes to fruition by donating and helping the workforce of today AND tomorrow get the head-start they deserve.

Together, we really can make a difference!

Ways to Give

Your donation will help support Be Your Own Hero’s efforts to bridge the gap between education and employment for young people in Western New York.

business sponsor

Become a Sponsor

Be Your Own Hero is always looking for business sponsors!

While this includes monetary sponsorship, opportunities exist for businesses outside of financial contributions. Our business sponsors assist with everything from event support (such as participation in skilled trade job fairs) to professional services (such as Industry Speaker Series) where we bring you in to speak to groups of young adults about your particular industry or area of expertise.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Executive Director Matthew Cook.

Make a Planned Gift

A legacy gift is a planned future gift that designates some part of an individual’s estate as a donation. A legacy, or planned, gift enables individuals to create a powerful philanthropic legacy while also helping to sustain the work of Be Your Own Hero, and also meeting your individual financial and estate planning goals. Depending on the gift arrangement and your circumstances, you may be able to avoid capital gains taxes, reduce your estate taxes, or receive an income tax charitable deduction in a variety of ways.

At the same time, planned gifts connect your personal legacy to that of Be Your Own Hero’s, and provide critical support for our programs and initiatives. While many nonprofit organizations (Be Your Own Hero included) rely on annual cash contributions to support their operating budgets, planned gifts and estate gifts provide an assured base of support that can transform an organization. Please consider creating your philanthropic legacy with Be Your Own Hero.

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adopt a grad

Adopt a Grad

Imagine you’ve just graduated. You’ve walked the stage, gotten your diploma, and taken all the pictures you could want. All of a sudden, you’re confronted with that oh so important question – “so what’s next?” Whether it’s from family, friends, former teachers, or even yourself, that question is coming. What’s scary is that a lot of graduates don’t know the answer. Be Your Own Hero knows the pressure of landing a first job in one’s desired field, especially in our seemingly intolerant job market where quality jobs demand experience.

“53% of all young college graduates in America are either unemployed or grossly underemployed, according to The Economic Collapse? We won’t stand for talent gone wasted and neither should you. We’re confident that, together, we can beat the statistics and get educated young people in career jobs. Through our informal ad hoc program, we’ve successfully transitioned hundreds of millennials into the workforce”.

But because more and more fresh grads are taking low-wage jobs, we feel passionate about building a formal campaign that will allow us to affect more people. Be Your Own Hero is officially launching “Adopt A Grad” to help our young population begin their career journeys in industries that will develop their skill sets and make use of their unique talents. Because our small-shop employment and human capital consulting firm, APA Solutions, has built long-standing partnerships with growth-oriented companies over the years and commits to filling permanent placements only, we are in a unique position to create mutually beneficial relationships between employers and millennials.

Our direct-hire specialties include: administrative, accounting / finance, construction, customer service, human resources, inside / outside sales, IT / technical, management, manufacturing / engineering, marketing /advertising, not-for-profit, and project management.

What’s in it for the Graduate?

Graduates who sign up will receive a 3-month student membership, which includes:

  • 30-minute coaching session with an Executive Recruiter / Career Reformist
  • Exclusive representation to over 500 companies in Western New York
  • Access to our robust online Career Reform Boot Camp course which covers:
  • BONUS: Career Behavioral Assessment
  • Job Search Planning and Career Strategy
  • Resume, Cover Letter and Communication Toolkit
  • Interviewing and Job Application Techniques
  • Professional Branding and Social Media Training

Make a Donation

Together, we really can make a difference!

At Be Your Own Hero, our mission is to serve as the bridge to employment for young adults.

Please help us ensure that our vision comes to fruition by donating and helping the workforce of today AND tomorrow get the head-start they deserve.