Let us help you find the career of your dreams!

Do you need help finding the career of your dreams?

At Be Your Own Hero, we are committed to helping young people of every background succeed in the job market. In order to do this, we’ve developed several different ways for young people to work with us.

While the core population that we serve are young people aged 17-27, we also partner with parents and educators to help ensure success for their students beyond our program.

Our Services

We help young adults find the career that is best for them through our brain-based career coaching and other complementary services.

Career Assessment

Are you a young adult looking for more information on your ideal career path?

Are you the parent of a young adult and you’re unsure of exactly where your child will thrive in their career journey?

Are you an educator that’s looking to help your students know more about themselves and give them the head start you’ve been looking for? The answer to your prayers is right here; our career assessment.

This self-awareness tool is perfect for students and young adults and will give them a leg up to begin living their best career lives. You can even become a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA) or a Certified Professional Driving Forces Analyst (CPDFA).

Career Counseling

Sometimes, we all just need a little bit more help!

Be Your Own Hero has mentors on hand to offer career counseling sessions aimed around anything from exploring the trade industries, to deciding if our resources are right for you, your young adult, or your student. Whatever you need, we can help!

Our hope is to kick-start the career journey by utilizing the resources we have on hand to guide and advise as best we can.

career assessment

Online Course

It’s Hero 101, but in a virtual setting! Our online course studies your brain and behaviors to offer the ultimate online learning experience. Featuring an interactive e-textbook, customized advice, video guides and more, you don’t even have to leave your personal HQ to get access to Hero 101!

Course Overview

Our Online Course includes:

  • Career Assessment and analysis of behaviors, values, and communication styles
  • Identification of career purpose and mission statement
  • Job search planning and career strategy
  • Resume, cover letter and communication theory
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Job application tactics
  • Branding and social media training
  • LinkedIn profile construction and optimization
  • Accessible e-text with printable PDFs and exercises
  • Access to class videos and webinars
  • Sample resume, cover letter and job search planning guides
  • Technical Support

Hero Training 101

At Be Your Own Hero HQ, we regularly offer a six-week, in-house course for students looking for an interactive team atmosphere and hands-on training – we like to call it Hero 101! Through our personalized lesson plans, team exercises and hero’s guide, our Hero Mentors equip students with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively tackle the job market and beat the competition.

Course Overview

Our Hero 101 Course includes:

  • Five local class sessions
  • Career Assessment and analysis of behaviors, values, and communication styles
  • Identifying career purpose and mission statement
  • Job search planning and career strategy
  • Resume writing and theory
  • Job application tactics
  • Interview techniques and practice
  • Financial worth calculation
  • Social media and branding representation training
  • LinkedIn construction and optimization
  • Access to webinars and video guides
  • Sample resumes, cover letters, and job search planning guides
  • Job Search Support and 911 service
  • Resume Review
hero training 101

Make a Donation

Together, we really can make a difference!

At Be Your Own Hero, our mission is to serve as the bridge to employment for young adults.

Please help us ensure that our vision comes to fruition by donating and helping the workforce of today AND tomorrow get the head-start they deserve.