You, Inc. Career Coaching


For young adults searching for the right career

Why enroll in You, Inc. Career Coaching?

At Be Your Own Hero, we believe in the data.

We take the lead from our parent company, APA Solutions, which has spent extensive time interviewing hundreds of employers from New York to California and collecting this important data to showcase what growth employers are requiring of the new economy workforce.

We use this data to help connect you with the career of your dreams and make sure that you’re thriving in your new role. Be Your Own Hero has over 60 years of knowledge on our Board of Directors that helps the process takes a brain-based approach yielding a long-term impact on how the Hero-in-Training approaches their career now and into the future.

Candidates have secured positions within 3-6 months during or after completion of the program.

Tools include:

  • Proprietary online career coaching system
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Access to an extensive network of employers/companies across a variety of industries
student and instructor working together

Phases of the Program

We want to get to know you more!

We hold a call to learn more about you and your past and then let you know more about Be Your Own Hero and the services that we offer to our Heros-in-Training.

Be Your Own Hero will share the link for completing a career Assessment.

Matt will come back together with you to discuss the results of your PRINT Assessment with the goal of uncovering how your personality can lead to a future career that leads to both your happiness and success down the road.

Start your You, Inc. self-awareness journey with our program designed to develop your self-understanding and the soft skills that you will need to not just get the career of your dreams, but to thrive in it as well.

Total Investment: Special Fall offer of $295 (originally $500)

Meet Your Career Coach

Matthew Cook

Matthew Cook, Executive Director

Matt was born and raised in Rochester, NY, and graduated from Wheatland-Chili High School. After high school, Matt attended SUNY Geneseo, where he graduated with degrees in History and Political Science. During his junior year at Geneseo, Matt ran for and was elected to the Village of Geneseo Board of Trustees, serving two years as a Trustee and 2 years as the Deputy Mayor of Geneseo. It was during this time that Matt discovered his love for local government, civic engagement, and using his position to positively impact others and his community. Though becoming a lawyer was always his career goal, Matt declined that career option and instead joined the Be Your Own Hero Board of Directors in July 2020. After the first wave of the pandemic, Matt was asked to step in as the Interim Director of Be Your Own Hero in September 2020. He was voted in as Be Your Own Hero’s Executive Director in June 2022.

Learn more about You, Inc.!

Learn more about You, Inc.!

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